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Over the last 12 years, we in the roofing industry, have seen material prices skyrocket. Of course, roofing was always a rather expensive proposition, however, with prices doubling on shingles, and plywood fluctuating between high and even higher prices, our customers could not keep up.

Some of our customers were more fortunate, in that they may have lived in their house a long time, and could draw equity. An even smaller percentage had saved the 9 to 12 thousand (average cost of a tear off) but were discouraged about having to spend a huge portion of their savings on their roof. The vast majority of homeowners, however, found that they simply couldn't afford to do their roof.

As compassionate people, we began trying to find ways to help people "buy more time" to save, rather than pushing something that they already felt horrible about. It meant spending a lot more time on estimates, and seeing a lot less profitable (and mostly unwanted) roofs under contract.

We noticed an immediate response from our word-of-mouth referrals. Customers began calling us for "more time to save" or "an honest appraisal on the life expectancy of their roof".

Most importantly, with this new, and empathetic approach, rather than a look of dread, we saw relief! We began repairing roofs, and began giving an honest timeline for when the entire roof would need to be done.

What obviously came next was an increase in our contracting of full tear off's, which now started with a confident, and informed customer who had the money to complete it.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future!

Take care,

Christian Gascon, Owner of Rochester Roof Repair

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